NYFA Gender Inequality in Film

Last year the New York Film Academy posted some alarming statistics about women working in the film industry. If you’ve taken a film and feminism course, you will already know that this problem isn’t new. Feminist film theory deals with the representation, most often the misrepresentation of women. With these new facts, we can see how disparaging a career for a female is in Hollywood. The blatant sexism on and off screen shows how little women are valued as technical and creative leaders.

Women make up only 16% of directors, writers, executive producers, producers, editors and cinematographers on the 250 highest grossing films. To make the matter worst, only 6% of the top films were helmed by women. Only one woman has won an Academy Award for directing and the highest grossing films directed by women are animated and rank very low at the box office. Creatively and technically, films helmed by females are held to great criticism and minor support. No matter the economics, sexism in the industry is still a problem.

Here’s the link: http://www.nyfa.edu/film-school-blog/gender-inequality-in-film/
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New York Film Academy takes a look at gender inequality in film


Picture: Nicholas Zurko for NYFA


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