The amalgamation of the “perfect” woman

It seems that being a beautiful and talented actress in Hollywood isn’t enough these days. Now some scientists at the E! News? Network have created a Frankenstein Photoshop experiment where they combined the faces of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson. Together they form a “Superhuman”.

In the article, they pick apart each individual’s features, but morally end on the note that the two women are perfect just the way they are.

This is just another example as to how women, even those we idolize as “perfect”, aren’t good enough. Sure both actresses have played strong characters, but that doesn’t mean that they should be grouped together as one individual. Taking apart women and re-building them into a super-being is a form of fetishism. It also says that even though both actresses are strong as individuals, since both play strong women, they must be one in the same.

As if Photoshop already hasn’t created an impossible standard for beauty, now we must take apart people’s faces and combined them with others who are genetically gifted.

This is just another way to view women as objects, as less than human. This adds to countless theories that women are only visual pleasures, objects to be adored. This picture may be the ultimate combination of femininity, but that’s only because it’s fake. It takes away the characteristics that make a person human, the features that form an individual.

This is super-human, because it’s not human.

“The Internet Has Created Its Own Goddess, Emma Lawrence, And She’s Delightful” Can you believe this? They’ve even fucked with their names. Here is an exact quote from the Huffpost article: “This glorious work of Photoshop was uploaded Thursday, March 13, much to the delight of the online community. Dubbed Emma Lawrence or Jennifer Watson (or Jemmafer Stwatson, or Hermione Everdeen), we’re certain that if science could make this happen, Harvey Weinstein would foot the bill.”

Well it’s good to know that we’ve found a sugar daddy to pay for this.


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